Hemoglobin a

hemoglobin A n.
Abbr. Hb A
The hemoglobin present in normal adults.


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  • Hemoglobin c

    hemoglobin C n. Abbr. Hb C An abnormal hemoglobin in which lysine has replaced glutamic acid causing reduced plasticity of the red blood cells.

  • Hemoglobin c disease

    hemoglobin C disease n. An inherited anemia characterized by an excessive destruction of red blood cells, an enlarged spleen, and target cells and hemoglobin C in the blood.

  • Hemoglobin disease

    hemoglobin disease n. Any of several inherited diseases characterized by the presence of various abnormal hemoglobin molecules in the blood.

  • Hemoglobinemia

    hemoglobinemia he·mo·glo·bi·ne·mi·a (hē’mə-glō’bə-nē’mē-ə) n. The presence of free hemoglobin in the blood plasma.

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