[hur-kuh-mer] /ˈhɜr kə mər/

Nicholas, 1728–77, American Revolutionary general.


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    noun a sharp cow’s-milk cheddar cheese made in New York Word Origin from Herkimer County, New York

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    noun phrase Any rustic, fool, or eccentric [1940s+; based on a jerk from Herkimer, that is, from a distant provincial place]

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    [hur-kee-jur-kee] /ˈhɜr kiˈdʒɜr ki/ adjective 1. progressing in a fitfully jerky or irregular manner: a herky-jerky home movie shown on an old projector. adjective Jerky; spasmodic; not smooth: bellow and quiver with those herky-jerky spasms/ herky-jerky instability of Shepard’s plays/ producing a herky-jerky style of governing (mid-1950s+)

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