[hil-ding] /ˈhɪl dɪŋ/

noun, Archaic.
a contemptible person.


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    noun crazy, nuts Usage Note used in “you’ve got to be hilikus”; slang

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    hilitis hi·li·tis (hī-lī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the lining membrane of a hilum.

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    portion of Jehovah. (1.) 1 Chr. 6:54. (2.) 1 Chr. 26:11. (3.) The father of Eliakim (2 Kings 18:18, 26, 37). (4.) The father of Gemariah (Jer. 29:3). (5.) The father of the prophet Jeremiah (1:1). (6.) The high priest in the reign of Josiah (1 Chr. 6:13; Ezra 7:1). To him and his deputy […]

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