[his-tee-oid] /ˈhɪs tiˌɔɪd/


histioid his·ti·oid (hĭs’tē-oid’)
Variant of histoid.


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  • Histiogenic

    histiogenic his·ti·o·gen·ic (hĭs’tē-ō-jěn’ĭk) adj. Histogenous.

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  • Histo-

    1. a combining form meaning “tissue,” used in the formation of compound words: histology. combining form 1. indicating animal or plant tissue: histology, histamine medical word-forming element, from Greek histos “warp, web,” literally “anything set upright,” from histasthai “to stand,” from PIE *sta- “to stand” (see stet). Taken by 19c. medical writers as the best […]

  • Histoblast

    [his-tuh-blast] /ˈhɪs təˌblæst/ noun, Biology. 1. a cell or group of cells capable of forming tissue. histoblast his·to·blast (hĭs’tə-blāst’) n. See histioblast.

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