historrhexis his·tor·rhex·is (hĭs’tə-rěk’sĭs)
Breakdown of tissue by a process other than infection.


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  • Histosol

    [his-tuh-sawl, -sol] /ˈhɪs təˌsɔl, -ˌsɒl/ noun 1. a worldwide soil type rich in organic matter, as peat, especially prevalent in wet, poorly drained areas.

  • Histotome

    [his-tuh-tohm] /ˈhɪs təˌtoʊm/ noun 1. a microtome. histotome his·to·tome (hĭs’tə-tōm’) n. See microtome.

  • Histotomy

    histotomy his·tot·o·my (hĭ-stŏt’ə-mē) n. See microtomy.

  • Histotoxic

    histotoxic his·to·tox·ic (hĭs’tō-tŏk’sĭk) adj. Poisonous to tissues.

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