an arch with the intrados widening above the springing and then narrowing to a rounded crown.
an arch formed in the shape of a horseshoe, esp as used in Moorish architecture


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    noun 1. any of numerous large-eared Old World insectivorous bats, mostly of the genus Rhinolophus, with a fleshy growth around the nostrils, used in echolocation: family Rhinolophidae

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    noun 1. a large marine arthropod, Limulus polyphemus, of shallow coastal waters of eastern North America and eastern Asia, having both compound and simple eyes, book gills, a stiff tail, and a brown carapace curved like a horseshoe: a living fossil related to the woodlouse. noun 1. any marine chelicerate arthropod of the genus Limulus, […]

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    horseshoe fistula horse·shoe fistula (hôrs’shōō’, hôrsh’-) n. An anal fistula partially encircling the anus and opening at both ends on the cutaneous surface.

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