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  • H-stretcher

    [eych-strech-er] /ˈeɪtʃˌstrɛtʃ ər/ noun, Furniture. 1. a stretcher having the form of an H .

  • Hsuan chiao

    [shyahn jyou] /ˈʃüɑn ˈdʒyaʊ/ noun 1. (def 2).

  • Hsuchou

    [Chinese shy-joh] /Chinese ˈʃüˈdʒoʊ/ noun, Wade-Giles. 1. . [shy-joh] /ˈʃüˈdʒoʊ/ noun, Pinyin. 1. a city in N Jiangsu province, in E China. /ˈʃuːˈdʒəʊ/ noun 1. a city in N central China, in NW Jiangsu province: scene of a decisive battle (1949) in which the Communists defeated the Nationalists. Pop: 1 662 000 (2005 est)

  • Hsuan tsung

    [shyahn dzoo ng] /ˈʃüɑn ˈdzʊŋ/ noun 1. a.d. 685–762, Chinese emperor of the Tang dynasty 712–756.

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