Huffman code

Huffman coding


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  • Huffman coding

    algorithm A data compression technique which varies the length of the encoded symbol in proportion to its information content, that is the more often a symbol or token is used, the shorter the binary string used to represent it in the compressed stream. Huffman codes can be properly decoded because they obey the prefix property, […]

  • Huffman encoding

    Huffman coding

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    [huhf-ee] /ˈhʌf i/ adjective, huffier, huffiest. 1. easily offended; touchy. 2. offended; sulky: a huffy mood. 3. snobbish; haughty. adj. “ready to take offense,” 1670s, from huff + -y (2). Related: Huffily; huffiness. adjective Angry; petulant; irritable; in a huff: I didn’t mean to get huffy (1848+)

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    [hoo-foof] /hʊˈfuf/ noun 1. . [hoo-foof] /hʊˈfuf/ noun 1. a city in E Saudi Arabia. /hʊˈfuːf/ noun 1. See Al Hufuf /hʊˈfuːf/ noun 1. another name for Al Hufuf

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