[huhng-ger-lee] /ˈhʌŋ gər li/

adjective, Archaic.
marked by a hungry look.


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  • Hunger pain

    hunger pain n. Pain or discomfort in the epigastrium associated with hunger.

  • Hunger-strike

    [huhng-ger-strahyk] /ˈhʌŋ gərˌstraɪk/ verb (used without object), hunger-struck, hunger-striking. 1. to go on a hunger strike. noun 1. a deliberate refusal to eat, undertaken in protest against imprisonment, improper treatment, objectionable conditions, etc. noun 1. a voluntary fast undertaken, usually by a prisoner, as a means of protest

  • Hung-jury

    noun 1. a jury that cannot agree on a verdict. A jury that is unable to reach a verdict of guilty or not guilty. The result is a mistrial, and legal proceedings must be reinitiated to bring the case to trial again. Trying the case a second time does not constitute double jeopardy.

  • Hung like a bull

    adjective phrase Possessing large genitals; hung, well-hung (1960s+)

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