height X width X depth


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    [fou-ler] /ˈfaʊ lər/ noun 1. Henry H(amill) [ham-uh l] /ˈhæm əl/ (Show IPA), 1908–2000, U.S. lawyer and government official: secretary of the Treasury 1965–68. 2. Henry Watson, 1858–1933, English lexicographer. /ˈfaʊlə/ noun 1. Henry Watson. 1858–1933, English lexicographer and grammarian; compiler of Modern English Usage (1926) n. Old English fugelere, agent noun from fuglian “to […]

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    1. high-water mark. abbreviation 1. high-water mark high-water mark

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    Hurricane Warning Office (National Weather Service)

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    1. height/weight proportional 2. Hewlett-Packard Co.

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