[hahy-drok-si-naf-thuh-leen, -nap-] /haɪˌdrɒk sɪˈnæf θəˌlin, -ˈnæp-/



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  • Hydrophilia

    hydrophilia hy·dro·phil·i·a (hī’drə-fĭl’ē-ə) n.

  • Hydrophane

    [hahy-druh-feyn] /ˈhaɪ drəˌfeɪn/ noun 1. a partly translucent variety of opal, which becomes more translucent or transparent when immersed in water. /ˈhaɪdrəʊˌfeɪn/ noun 1. a white partially opaque variety of opal that becomes translucent in water

  • Hydroxyprolinemia

    hydroxyprolinemia hy·drox·y·pro·li·ne·mi·a (hī-drŏk’sē-prō’lĭ-nē’mē-ə) n. An inherited metabolic disorder characterized by high hydroxyproline concentrations in plasma and urine and severe mental retardation.

  • Hydroxytryptamine

    /haɪˌdrɒksɪˈtrɪptəmiːn/ noun 1. 5-hydroxytryptamine, another name for serotonin 5HT

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