a hollow needle used to inject solutions subcutaneously.

hypodermic needle n.

hypodermic needle
A hollow needle used in medical syringes to inject fluids into the body or draw fluids from it.


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  • Hypodermic-syringe

    noun 1. a small glass piston or barrel syringe having a detachable, hollow needle for use in injecting solutions subcutaneously. noun 1. (med) a type of syringe consisting of a hollow cylinder, usually of glass or plastic, a tightly fitting piston, and a hollow needle (hypodermic needle), used for withdrawing blood samples, injecting medicine, etc […]

  • Hypodermic tablet

    hypodermic tablet n. A tablet that dissolves completely in water to form an injectable solution.

  • Hypodermis

    [hahy-puh-dur-mis] /ˌhaɪ pəˈdɜr mɪs/ noun 1. Zoology. an underlayer of epithelial cells in arthropods and certain other invertebrates that secretes substances for the overlying cuticle or exoskeleton. 2. Botany. a tissue or layer of cells beneath the epidermis. /ˌhaɪpəˈdɜːmɪs/ noun 1. (botany) a layer of thick-walled supportive or water-storing cells beneath the epidermis in some […]

  • Hypodermoclysis

    hypodermoclysis hy·po·der·moc·ly·sis (hī’pə-dûr-mŏk’lĭ-sĭs) n. Subcutaneous injection of a saline or other solution.

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