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hypomenorrhea hy·po·men·or·rhe·a (hī’pō-měn’ə-rē’ə)
A diminution of the flow or a shortening of the duration of menstruation.


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  • Hypomere

    hypomere hy·po·mere (hī’pə-mēr’) n.

  • Hypometria

    hypometria hy·po·me·tri·a (hī’pō-mē’trē-ə) n. An ataxic muscle disorder marked by underreaching an intended object or goal.

  • Hypometabolism

    hypometabolism hy·po·me·tab·o·lism (hī’pō-mĭ-tāb’ə-lĭz’əm) n. An abnormal decrease in metabolic rate.

  • Hypomixolydian-mode

    [hahy-poh-mik-suh-lid-ee-uh n, hip-oh-, hahy-poh-, hip-oh-] /ˈhaɪ poʊˌmɪk səˈlɪd i ən, ˈhɪp oʊ-, ˌhaɪ poʊ-, ˌhɪp oʊ-/ noun, Music. 1. a plagal church mode represented on the white keys of a keyboard instrument by an ascending scale from D to D, with the final on G.

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