combining form
indicating Iberia or Iberian: Ibero-Caucasian


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  • Ibero-Maurusian

    [ahy-beer-oh-maw-roo-zee-uh n, -zhuh n] /aɪˈbɪər oʊ mɔˈru zi ən, -ʒən/ adjective 1. of or relating to an Epipaleolithic culture of northwestern Africa that preceded the Capsian culture and was once erroneously thought to have originated in southwestern Europe; characterized by the use of backed bladelets, occupation of the maritime plain, and the hunting of the […]

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    [ee-ber] /iˈbɛr/ noun 1. Jacques François Antoine [zhahk frahn-swa ahn-twan] /ʒɑk frɑ̃ˈswa ɑ̃ˈtwan/ (Show IPA), 1890–1962, French composer. /French ibɛr/ noun 1. Jacques (François Antoine) (ʒak). 1890–1962, French composer; his works include the humorous orchestral Divertissement (1930)

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    [dee-ber-veel] /di bɛrˈvil/ noun 1. Pierre le Moyne [pyer luh mwan] /pyɛr lə ˈmwan/ (Show IPA), Sieur, 1661–1706, French naval officer, born in Canada: founder of the first French settlement in Louisiana, 1699. /French ibɛrvil/ noun 1. Pierre le Moyne (pjɛr lə mwan), Sieur d’. 1661–1706, French-Canadian explorer, who founded (1700) the first French colony […]

  • I bet

    interjection I doubt it: You’re ready to go? I’ll bet (1857+)

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