the act or practice of fishing through a hole cut in the ice.
a form of fishing in which a line is lowered through a hole made in a frozen lake, river, etc


Read Also:

  • Ice-floe

    noun 1. a large flat mass of floating ice. 2. (def 1). noun 1. a sheet of ice, of variable size, floating in the sea See also ice field (sense 1) ice floe A large, flat expanse of floating ice smaller than a marine ice field.

  • Ice-flowers

    noun 1. formations of ice crystals on the surface of a still, slowly freezing body of water. 2. Also called frost flowers. delicate tufts of frost on a surface of ice or snow.

  • Ice-foot

    noun 1. (in polar regions) a belt of ice frozen to the shore, formed chiefly as a result of the rise and fall of the tides. noun 1. a narrow belt of ice permanently attached to the coast in polar regions

  • Ice-fog

    noun 1. (especially in the far north) a fog composed of minute ice crystals that form in the air in extremely cold temperatures.

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