a sharp-pointed tool for chipping or cutting ice.
a pointed tool used for breaking ice


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  • Ice-point

    noun 1. the temperature at which a mixture of ice and air-saturated water at a pressure of one atmosphere is in equilibrium, represented by 0°C and 32°F. noun 1. the temperature at which a mixture of ice and water are in equilibrium at a pressure of one atmosphere. It is 0° on the Celsius scale […]

  • Ice princess

    modifier : Blond, beautiful, smart, impeccably dressed, ice-princess cool and very direct noun phrase A chilly, reserved woman; iceberg, ice maiden: the travails of growing up with a politician for a father and an ice princess for a mother (1970s+)

  • Ice-rain

    noun 1. freezing rain.

  • Icequake

    [ahys-kweyk] /ˈaɪsˌkweɪk/ noun 1. a disturbance, especially a vibration or series of vibrations, caused by the breaking up of large masses.

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