Icterus gravis

icterus gravis icterus grav·is (grāv’ĭs)
See malignant jaundice.


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  • Icterus index

    icterus index n. A calculation indicating the level of bilirubin in serum or plasma, in which the intensity of the color of a specimen is compared with that of a standard solution using a colorimeter.

  • Icterus neonatorum

    icterus neonatorum icterus ne·o·na·to·rum (nē’ō-nā-tôr’əm) n. See jaundice of newborn.

  • Ictic

    [ik-tuh s] /ˈɪk təs/ noun, plural ictuses, ictus. 1. Prosody. rhythmical or metrical stress. 2. Pathology. /ˈɪktəs/ noun (pl) -tuses, -tus 1. (prosody) metrical or rhythmic stress in verse feet, as contrasted with the stress accent on words 2. (med) a sudden attack or stroke n. verse stress, 1752, from Latin ictus “a blow, stroke, […]

  • Ictinus

    [ik-tahy-nuh s] /ɪkˈtaɪ nəs/ noun 1. flourished mid-5th century b.c, Greek architect, a designer of the Parthenon. /ɪkˈtaɪnəs/ noun 1. 5th century bc, Greek architect, who designed the Parthenon with Callicrates

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