Idea hamster

(slang) a person who is employed as a source of new ideas

any person who is creative and constantly thinking up new ideas


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  • Ideaistic

    [ahy-dee-uh-is-tik, ahy-dee-uh-, ahy-dee-is-] /aɪˌdi əˈɪs tɪk, ˌaɪ di ə-, ˌaɪ diˈɪs-/ adjective 1. of , especially in their abstract or symbolic character.

  • Ideal

    [ahy-dee-uh l, ahy-deel] /aɪˈdi əl, aɪˈdil/ noun 1. a conception of something in its perfection. 2. a standard of perfection or excellence. 3. a person or thing conceived as embodying such a conception or conforming to such a standard, and taken as a model for imitation: Thomas Jefferson was his ideal. 4. an ultimate object […]

  • Ideal crystal

    noun 1. (chem) a crystal in which there are no defects or impurities

  • Ideal element

    noun 1. any element added to a mathematical theory in order to eliminate special cases. The ideal element i = √–1 allows all algebraic equations to be solved and the point at infinity (ideal point) ensures that any two lines in projective geometry intersect

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