Idiomuscular contraction

idiomuscular contraction id·i·o·mus·cu·lar contraction (ĭd’ē-ō-mŭs’kyə-lər)
See myoedema.


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    1. a diminutive suffix occurring in loanwords from Greek: enchiridion.

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    [id-ee-uh-path-ik] /ˌɪd i əˈpæθ ɪk/ adjective, Pathology. 1. of unknown cause, as a disease. idiopathic id·i·o·path·ic (ĭd’ē-ə-pāth’ĭk) adj. idiopathic (ĭd’ē-ə-pāth’ĭk) Relating to or being a disease having no known cause.

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