[il-boh-ding] /ˈɪlˈboʊ dɪŋ/

foreboding evil; inauspicious; unlucky:
ill-boding stars.


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  • Ill-bred

    [il-bred] /ˈɪlˈbrɛd/ adjective 1. showing lack of good social breeding; unmannerly; rude. adjective 1. badly brought up; lacking good manners

  • Ill-conceived

    [il-kuh n-seevd] /ˈɪl kənˈsivd/ adjective 1. badly conceived or planned: an ill-conceived project.

  • Ill-conditioned

    [il-kuh n-dish-uh nd] /ˈɪl kənˈdɪʃ ənd/ adjective 1. in a surly or bad mood, state, etc. 2. not in a good or peak condition.

  • Ill-considered

    [il-kuh n-sid-erd] /ˈɪl kənˈsɪd ərd/ adjective 1. lacking thorough consideration; ill-suited; unwise. adjective 1. done without due consideration; not thought out: an ill-considered decision

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