In pr.

Latin in principio (in the beginning)


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  • In-praesenti

    [in prahy-sen-tee; English in pree-zen-tahy, -tee] /ɪn praɪˈsɛn ti; English ɪn priˈzɛn taɪ, -ti/ adverb, adjective, Latin. 1. at the present time.

  • In-praise-of-folly

    noun 1. Latin Moriae Encomium. a prose satire (1509) by Erasmus, written in Latin and directed against theologians and church dignitaries.

  • In-principio

    [in prin-ki-pi-aw; English in-prin-sip-ee-oh] /ɪn prɪnˈkɪ pɪ ɔ; English ɪn prɪnˈsɪp iˌoʊ/ adverb, Latin. 1. at or in the beginning; at first.

  • Inprise corporation

    Borland Software Corporation.

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