[in-fawr-muh-tiv] /ɪnˈfɔr mə tɪv/

giving ; instructive:
an informative book.
providing information; instructive

“instructive,” late 14c., “formative, shaping, plastic,” from Medieval Latin informativus, from Latin informatus, past participle of informare (see inform). Related: Informatively.


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  • Informatory-double

    noun, Bridge. 1. a double intended to inform one’s partner that one has a strong hand and to urge a bid regardless of the strength of his or her hand.

  • Informed

    [in-fawrmd] /ɪnˈfɔrmd/ adjective 1. having or prepared with or knowledge; apprised: an informed audience that asked intelligent questions. [in-fawrm] /ɪnˈfɔrm/ verb (used with object) 1. to give or impart knowledge of a fact or circumstance to: He informed them of his arrival. 2. to supply (oneself) with knowledge of a matter or subject: She informed […]

  • Informed-consent

    noun 1. a patient’s consent to a medical or surgical procedure or to participation in a clinical study after being properly advised of the relevant medical facts and the risks involved. informed consent in·formed consent (ĭn-fôrmd’) n. Consent by a patient to a surgical or medical procedure or participation in a clinical study after achieving […]

  • Informer

    [in-fawr-mer] /ɪnˈfɔr mər/ noun 1. a person who against another, especially for money or other reward. 2. a person who or communicates or news; . /ɪnˈfɔːmə/ noun 1. a person who informs against someone, esp a criminal 2. a person who provides information: he was the President’s financial informer n. late 14c., enfourmer “instructor, teacher,” […]

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