Ink printer

A retronym used by Blind users to refer to all printers which are not Braille printers, regardless of whether they actually use ink.


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  • Ink-sac

    noun 1. a large gland in most cephalopods, as the cuttlefish, octopus, and squid, that is near the rectum and ejects ink at predators. 2. a flexible structure containing ink.

  • Inkstand

    [ingk-stand] /ˈɪŋkˌstænd/ noun 1. a small , usually on a desk, for holding , pens, etc. 2. a small container for . /ˈɪŋkˌstænd/ noun 1. a stand or tray on which are kept writing implements and containers for ink

  • Ink-slinger


  • Inkster

    [ingk-ster] /ˈɪŋk stər/ noun 1. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit.

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