Ink up

(adverb) to apply ink to (a printing machine) in preparing it for operation


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  • Inkwell

    [ingk-wel] /ˈɪŋkˌwɛl/ noun 1. a small container for . /ˈɪŋkˌwɛl/ noun 1. a small container for pen ink, often let into the surface of a desk

  • Inky

    [ing-kee] /ˈɪŋ ki/ adjective, inkier, inkiest. 1. black as : inky shadows. 2. resembling : The solution was an inky liquid. 3. stained with : inky fingers. 4. of or relating to . 5. consisting of or containing . 6. written with . /ˈɪŋkɪ/ adjective inkier, inkiest 1. resembling ink, esp in colour; dark or […]

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    [ingk-woo d] /ˈɪŋkˌwʊd/ noun 1. a tropical tree, Exothea paniculata, of the soapberry family, yielding a hard, reddish-brown .

  • Inky-cap

    noun 1. any mushroom of the genus Coprinus, especially C. atramentarius, characterized by gills that disintegrate into blackish liquid after the spores mature.

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