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  • In pictures

    adverb phrase Acting or otherwise engaged in the movies: You ought to be in pictures, as the old song says/ After years in pictures he went back to the theater and bombed (1920s+)

  • In-pile

    [pahyl] /paɪl/ noun 1. a cylindrical or flat member of wood, steel, concrete, etc., often tapered or pointed at the lower end, hammered vertically into soil to form part of a foundation or retaining wall. 2. Heraldry. an ordinary in the form of a wedge or triangle coming from one edge of the escutcheon, from […]

  • In plain english

    In clear, straightforward language, as in The doctor’s diagnosis was too technical; please tell us what he meant in plain English. [ c. 1500 ] Also see: in so many words

  • Inpo

    in no particular order

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