intraembryonic in·tra·em·bry·on·ic (ĭn’trə-ěm’brē-ŏn’ĭk)
Within the embryo.


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  • Intrafallopian

    intrafallopian in·tra·fal·lo·pi·an (ĭn’trə-fə-lō’pē-ən) adj. Located or occurring within the fallopian tubes.

  • Intrafascicular

    /ˌɪntrəfəˈsɪkjʊlə/ adjective 1. (botany) between the xylem and phloem elements of a vascular bundle: intrafascicular cambium

  • Intrafilar

    intrafilar in·tra·fi·lar (ĭn’trə-fī’lər) adj. Situated within the meshes of a network.

  • Intrafusal

    intrafusal in·tra·fu·sal (ĭn’trə-fyōō’zəl) adj. Relating to the structures within a muscle spindle.

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