concealer, the second of Esau’s three sons by Aholibamah (Gen. 36:5, 14).


Read Also:

  • Jaanai

    mourner, one of the chief Gadites (1 Chr. 5:12).

  • Jaap

    /jɑːp/ noun 1. (South African, offensive) a simpleton or country bumpkin

  • Jaare-oregim

    forests of the weavers, a Bethlehemite (2 Sam. 21:19), and the father of Elhanan, who slew Goliath. In 1 Chr. 20:5 called JAIR.

  • Jaasau

    fabricator, an Israelite who renounced his Gentile wife after the Return (Ezra 10:37).

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