[jep-er-duh s] /ˈdʒɛp ər dəs/

perilous; dangerous; hazardous; risky.


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  • Jeopardy

    [jep-er-dee] /ˈdʒɛp ər di/ noun, plural jeopardies. 1. hazard or risk of or exposure to loss, harm, death, or injury: For a moment his life was in jeopardy. 2. peril or danger: The spy was in constant jeopardy of being discovered. 3. Law. the danger or hazard of being found guilty, and of consequent punishment, […]

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    [jef-thuh] /ˈdʒɛf θə/ noun 1. a judge of Israel. Judges 11, 12. /ˈdʒɛfθə/ noun 1. (Old Testament) a judge of Israel, who sacrificed his daughter in fulfilment of a vow (Judges 11:12–40) Douay spelling Jephte (ˈdʒɛftə) biblical judge of Israel, from Greek Iephthae, from Hebrew Yiphtah, literally “God opens,” imperfective of pathah “he opened” (cf. […]

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    nimble, or a beholder. (1.) The father of Caleb, who was Joshua’s companion in exploring Canaan (Num. 13:6), a Kenezite (Josh. 14:14). (2.) One of the descendants of Asher (1 Chr. 7:38).

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    [zhuh-kye] /ʒəˈkyɛ/ noun 1. a city in E Brazil.

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