Jet pipe

the duct attached to the rear of a gas turbine through which the exhaust gases are discharged, esp one fitted to an aircraft engine


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  • Jet-plane

    noun 1. an airplane moved by jet propulsion. noun 1. an aircraft powered by one or more jet engines

  • Jetport

    [jet-pawrt, -pohrt] /ˈdʒɛtˌpɔrt, -ˌpoʊrt/ noun 1. an airport designed to handle commercial planes. /ˈdʒɛtˌpɔːt/ noun 1. (obsolete) an airport for jet planes

  • Jet-propelled

    [jet-pruh-peld] /ˈdʒɛt prəˈpɛld/ adjective 1. propelled by a jet engine or engines. 2. Informal. having a force or speed suggesting something propelled by a jet engine; fast or powerful. adjective 1. driven by jet propulsion 2. (informal) very fast

  • Jet-propulsion

    noun 1. the propulsion of a body by its reaction to a force ejecting a gas or a liquid from it. noun 1. propulsion by means of a jet of fluid 2. propulsion by means of a gas turbine, esp when the exhaust gases provide the propulsive thrust jet propulsion

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