Just noticeable difference

(psychol) another name for difference threshold jnd


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    1. Exactly at this time, as in Harry isn’t here just now; can he call you back? [ Late 1600s ] 2. Only a moment ago, as in As she was saying just now, they are fully booked. [ Early 1600s ]

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    modifier Just in from a foreign country; also, naive and gullible: They don’t understand; they are just off the boat

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    [juhst] /dʒʌst/ noun, verb (used without object) 1. . adjective (dʒʌst) 1. 2. conforming to high moral standards; honest 3. consistent with justice: a just action 4. rightly applied or given; deserved: a just reward 5. legally valid; lawful: a just inheritance 6. well-founded; reasonable: just criticism 7. correct, accurate, or true: a just account […]

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