adjective, noun
a variant spelling of Qatari


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  • Katayama disease

    Katayama disease Kat·a·ya·ma disease (kāt’ə-yä’mə, kä’tə-) n. See schistosomiasis japonicum.

  • Katayama syndrome

    Katayama syndrome n. See schistosomiasis japonicum.

  • Katayev

    [kuh-tah-yif] /kʌˈtɑ yɪf/ noun 1. Valentin Petrovich [vuh-lyin-tyeen pyi-traw-vyich] /və lyɪnˈtyin pyɪˈtrɔ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1897–1986, Russian writer.

  • Katcina

    [kuh-chee-nuh] /kəˈtʃi nə/ noun 1. .

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