[keel-lis] /ˈkil lɪs/

having no , as a ship.


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  • Keel-rake

    [keel-hawl] /ˈkilˌhɔl/ verb (used with object) 1. Nautical. to haul (an offender) under the bottom of a ship and up on the other side as a punishment. 2. to rebuke severely. /ˈkiːlˌhɔːl/ verb (transitive) 1. to drag (a person) by a rope from one side of a vessel to the other through the water under […]

  • Keelson

    [kel-suh n, keel-] /ˈkɛl sən, ˈkil-/ noun, Nautical. 1. any of various fore-and-aft structural members lying above or parallel to the keel in the bottom of a hull. /ˈkɛlsən; ˈkiːl-/ noun 1. a longitudinal beam fastened to the keel of a vessel for strength and stiffness n. also kelson, 1620s, altered (by influence of keel […]

  • Keelung

    [kee-loo ng] /ˈkiˈlʊŋ/ noun, Older Spelling. 1. . /ˈkiːˈlʊŋ/ noun 1. another name for Chilung

  • Keel-vessel

    noun 1. any of various types of sailing vessels in which a fixed, projecting keel gives lateral resistance.

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