a ring, usually of metal, for holding keys.


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  • Keyring drive

    noun 1. (computing) another name for pocket drive

  • Keys

    [kee] /ki/ noun, plural keys. 1. a small metal instrument specially cut to fit into a lock and move its bolt. 2. any of various devices resembling or functioning as a key: the key of a clock. 3. . 4. something that affords a means of access: the key to happiness. 5. something that secures […]

  • Key-scarf

    noun, Shipbuilding. 1. any of various scarf joints in which the overlapping parts are keyed together.

  • Ketch

    [kech] /kɛtʃ/ noun, Nautical. 1. a sailing vessel rigged fore and aft on two masts, the larger, forward one being the mainmast and the after one, stepped forward of the rudderpost, being the mizzen or jigger. /kɛtʃ/ noun 1. a two-masted sailing vessel, fore-and-aft rigged, with a tall mainmast and a mizzen stepped forward of […]

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