noun (in E Africa)


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  • Kikumon

    /ˈkɪkuːˌmɒn/ noun 1. the chrysanthemum emblem of the imperial family of Japan

  • Kikuyu

    [ki-koo-yoo] /kɪˈku yu/ noun, plural Kikuyus (especially collectively) Kikuyu. 1. a member of an indigenous people of Kenya having an agricultural economy and notable as being the originators of the Mau Mau. 2. the language of the Kikuyu, a Bantu language. 3. (usually lowercase). Also called kikuyu grass. a grass, Pennisetum clandestinum, native to southern […]

  • Kikwit

    [kee-kweet] /ˈki kwit/ noun 1. a city in W Zaire.

  • Kil

    1. kilometer; kilometers. first element in many Celtic place names, literally “cell (of a hermit), church, burial place,” from Gaelic and Irish -cil, from cill, gradational variant of ceall “cell, church, burial place,” from Latin cella (see cell).

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