[kis-uh-buh l] /ˈkɪs ə bəl/

inviting through being lovable or physically attractive.

1783, from kiss (v.) + -able. Related: Kissably; kissability.


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  • Kissagram

    /ˈkɪsəˌɡræm/ noun 1. a greetings service in which a person is employed to present greetings by kissing the person celebrating

  • Kiss and make up

    verb phrase To become reconciled; forget past animosity: Mandela and his rival Chief Buthelezi, whose followers have been slaughtering one another by the thousands, have kissed and made up (1940s+) Settle one’s differences, reconcile, as in The two friends decided to kiss and make up. This colloquial expression has largely replaced kiss and be friends, […]

  • Kiss-and-tell

    modifier 1. denoting the practice of publicizing one’s former sexual relationship with a celebrity, esp in the tabloid press: a kiss-and-tell interview

  • Kiss-ass

    [kis] /kɪs/ verb (used with object) 1. to touch or press with the lips slightly pursed, and then often to part them and to emit a smacking sound, in an expression of affection, love, greeting, reverence, etc.: He kissed his son on the cheek. 2. to join lips with in this way: She kissed him […]

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