king’s knight’s pawn.
king’s knight’s pawn


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  • Kl

    1. kiloliter; kiloliters. symbol 1. kilolitre 1. Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) 2. kiloliter

  • Kl0

    Kernel Language 0. A sequential logic language based on Prolog, used in the Japanese ICOT project. (1994-11-18)

  • Kl1

    Kernel Language 1. An experimental AND-parallel version of KL0 for the ICOT project in Japan. KL1 is an implementation of FGHC. Not to be confused with KL-ONE. [“Design of the Kernel Language for the Parallel Inference Machine”, U. Kazunori et al, Computer J (Dec 1990)]. (1994-10-24)

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    Kosovo Liberation Army

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