[nee-pees] /ˈniˌpis/

a of armor for protecting the , as a poleyn.


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  • Knee presentation

    knee presentation n. Breech presentation of the fetus during birth in which a knee is the presenting part.

  • Knee-rafter

    noun 1. a rafter for maintaining the angle between a principal rafter and a tie or collar beam. 2. a rafter bent downward at the lower end.

  • Knee reflex

    knee reflex n. See patellar reflex.

  • Knees

    [nee] /ni/ noun 1. Anatomy. the joint of the leg that allows for movement between the femur and tibia and is protected by the patella; the central area of the leg between the thigh and the lower leg. 2. Zoology. the corresponding joint or region in the hind leg of a quadruped; stifle. 3. a […]

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