a box, often ornamental and sometimes closed with a lid, for containing table knives.


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  • Knife-edge

    noun 1. the cutting edge of a knife. 2. anything very sharp. 3. a wedge on the fine edge of which a scale beam, pendulum, or the like, balances or oscillates. noun 1. the sharp cutting edge of a knife 2. any sharp edge 3. a sharp-edged wedge of hard material on which the beam […]

  • Knife-edged

    [nahyf-ejd] /ˈnaɪfˌɛdʒd/ adjective 1. having a thin, sharp edge.

  • Knife grinder

    noun 1. a person who makes and sharpens knives, esp an itinerant one

  • Knifeman

    /ˈnaɪfmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. a man who is armed with a knife, esp unlawfully

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