kosher (that is, acceptable or up-to-date)


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  • Kosha

    [koh-shuh] /ˈkoʊ ʃə/ noun, Hinduism. 1. any of the five layers of physical and mental being composing the personal self, Atman being within the innermost layer.

  • Kosher

    [koh-sher] /ˈkoʊ ʃər/ adjective 1. Judaism. 2. Informal. noun 3. Informal. kosher food: Let’s eat kosher tonight. verb (used with object) 4. Judaism. to make kosher: to kosher meat by salting. Idioms 5. keep kosher, to adhere to the dietary laws of Judaism. /ˈkəʊʃə/ adjective 1. (Judaism) conforming to religious law; fit for use: esp, […]

  • Kosher-pickle

    noun 1. a garlic-flavored pickle, sold especially in Jewish delicatessens.

  • Kosher-salt

    noun 1. a coarse-grained salt with no additives, used especially to draw out the blood from meat to make it kosher. noun 1. (US) a coarse flaky salt that contains no additives, used in cooking and in preparing kosher meals

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