local standard time.


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  • Lsyd

    Language for SYstems Development. A PL/I-like language with data structure and character extensions. [“Systems Programming Languages”, R.D. Bergeron et al, in Advances in Computers 1971, A-P]. (1995-01-31)

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    Louisiana State University

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    abbreviation (in New Zealand) 1. limited speed zone

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    Electricity. 1. . 1. . 1. . 1. long ton. 2. Electricity. . 1. Football. left tackle. 2. local time. 3. long ton. abbreviation 1. long ton 2. (esp in the US) local time abbreviation 1. Lithuania abbreviation 1. Lieutenant abbreviation 1. low-tension 2. Lithuania (international car registration) noun Living together: the subject of living […]

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