lacertus la·cer·tus (lə-sûr’təs)
n. pl. la·cer·ti (-tī’)


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  • Lace-stay

    noun 1. that part of an Oxford shoe into which eyelets and laces are inserted.

  • Lace-up

    [leys-uhp] /ˈleɪsˌʌp/ noun 1. anything that laces up, especially a boot with shoelaces that lace up from the vamp to the top of the boot. adjective 2. having a lace that is laced up as a closure: a lace-up blouse. adj. 1831, originally of boots, from lace (v.) + up.

  • Lacewing

    [leys-wing] /ˈleɪsˌwɪŋ/ noun 1. any of several insects of the family Chrysopidae, having delicate, lacelike and golden or copper-colored eyes, the larvae of which are predaceous on aphids and other small insects. /ˈleɪsˌwɪŋ/ noun 1. any of various neuropterous insects, esp any of the families Chrysopidae (green lacewings) and Hemerobiidae (brown lacewings), having lacy wings […]

  • Lacewood

    [leys-woo d] /ˈleɪsˌwʊd/ noun 1. the quartersawed of the sycamore tree.

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