unable to digest lactose (milk sugar) due to a deficiency of lactase, an enzyme for metabolization of lactose, unable to digest milk and some dairy products; also written lactose intolerant


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  • Lactosuria

    /ˌlæktəʊˈsjʊərɪə/ noun 1. (med) the presence of lactose in the urine lactosuria lac·to·su·ri·a (lāk’tə-sur’ē-ə, -shur’-) n. The presence of lactose in the urine.

  • Lactotherapy

    lactotherapy lac·to·ther·a·py (lāk’tō-thěr’ə-pē) n. See galactotherapy.

  • Lactotropin

    lactotropin lac·to·tro·pin (lāk’tō-trō’pĭn) n. See prolactin.

  • Lactovegetarian

    [lak-toh-vej-i-tair-ee-uh n] /ˌlæk toʊˌvɛdʒ ɪˈtɛər i ən/ noun 1. Also called lactarian. a whose diet includes dairy products. adjective 2. pertaining to or maintaining a diet that includes dairy products.

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