[la-lop-uh-thee] /læˈlɒp ə θi/

noun, plural lalopathies. Pathology.
any defect of speech.


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  • Lalophobia

    noun the fear of speaking Word Origin Greek lalein ‘to speak’

  • Laloplegia

    [lal-uh-plee-jee-uh] /ˌlæl əˈpli dʒi ə/ noun, Pathology. 1. paralysis of the speech organs in which the tongue is not affected. laloplegia lal·o·ple·gi·a (lāl’ō-plē’jē-ə, -jə) n. Paralysis of the muscles involved in speech.

  • La-louviere

    [la loo-vyer] /la luˈvyɛr/ noun 1. a city in S Belgium, S of Brussels.

  • Lalr

    Look Ahead Left-to-right parse, Rightmost-derivation

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