Lamblia Lam·bli·a (lām’blē-ə)


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  • Lambliasis

    lambliasis lam·bli·a·sis (lām-blī’ə-sĭs) n. See giardiasis.

  • Lamblike

    [lam-lahyk] /ˈlæmˌlaɪk/ adjective 1. like a ; gentle; meek.

  • Lamboy

    [lam-boi] /ˈlæmˌbɔɪ/ noun 1. .

  • Lambrequin

    [lam-bri-kin, lam-ber-] /ˈlæm brɪ kɪn, ˈlæm bər-/ noun 1. a woven fabric covering for a helmet in medieval times to protect it from heat, rust, etc. 2. a curtain or drapery covering the upper part of an opening, as a door or window, or suspended from a shelf. 3. Heraldry. . 4. a band of […]

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