noun, Linguistics.
the complete displacement of one language by another in a population of speakers.


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  • Language engineering

    noun any of a variety of computing procedures to human language, including speech recognition, machine translation, parsers, and other natural language applications

  • Language for communicating systems

    language (LCS) A concurrent SML by Bernard Berthomieu with behaviours and processes, based upon higher order CCS. LCS is implemented as a bytecode interpreter and runs on Sun SPARC, SGI MIPS, and Linux. Latest version: 5.1, as of 2000-03-17. ( E-mail: Bernard Berthomieu . Mailing list: (2000-03-28)

  • Language h

    An early business-oriented language from NCR.

  • Language police

    noun any person or group crusading for a particular usage or omission within a language; also called language cops , tongue troopers Word Origin derived from such a group in Quebec, Canada, where there is an issue about the official language being French or English

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