laterodeviation lat·er·o·de·vi·a·tion (lāt’ə-rō-dē’vē-ā’shən)
A bending or a displacement to one side.


Read Also:

  • Lateroduction

    lateroduction lat·er·o·duc·tion (lāt’ə-rō-dŭk’shən) n. Movement to one side, as of an eye.

  • Lateroflexion

    lateroflexion lat·er·o·flex·ion (lāt’ə-rō-flěk’shən) n. A bending or curvature to one side.

  • Laterotrusion

    laterotrusion lat·er·o·tru·sion (lāt’ə-rō-trōō’zhən) n. The outward thrust given by the muscles of chewing to the condyle during movement of the mandible.

  • Laterotorsion

    laterotorsion lat·er·o·tor·sion (lāt’ə-rō-tôr’shən) n. A twisting to one side, especially the turning of the eyeball to the left or right on its anteroposterior axis.

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