[lawr-ik, lor-] /ˈlɔr ɪk, ˈlɒr-/

adjective, Chemistry.
of or derived from .


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  • Lauric-acid

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a white, crystalline, water-insoluble powder, C 12 H 24 O 2 , a fatty acid occurring as the glyceride in many vegetable fats, especially coconut oil and laurel oil: used chiefly in the manufacture of soaps, detergents, cosmetics, and lauryl alcohol. /ˈlɔːrɪk; ˈlɒ-/ noun 1. another name for dodecanoic acid lauric acid […]

  • Lauric-aldehyde

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless, extremely alcohol-soluble liquid having a strong floral odor, C 12 H 24 O, used chiefly in perfumery.

  • Laurie

    [lawr-ee] /ˌlɔr i/ noun 1. a female given name, form of . 2. a male given name, form of .

  • Laurier

    [lawr-ee-ey; French law-ryey] /ˈlɔr iˌeɪ; French lɔˈryeɪ/ noun 1. Sir Wilfrid [wil-frid;; French weel-freed] /ˈwɪl frɪd;; French wilˈfrid/ (Show IPA), 1841–1919, Canadian statesman: prime minister 1896–1911. /ˈlɒrɪə/ noun 1. Sir Wilfrid. 1841–1919, Canadian Liberal statesman; the first French-Canadian prime minister (1896–1911)

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