Like a hole in the head

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need someone or something like a hole in the head


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  • Like a million bucks

    adverb phrase Very good; superb: In that blouse she looks like a million bucks (1930s+)

  • Like as not

    Also, as like as not; as likely as not. In all probability, with an even chance, as in Like as not it’ll rain by afternoon, or Likely as not the governor will run for a second term. In the first two terms, like is short for likely in the sense of “probably,” that is, “It […]

  • Like a streak

    adverb phrase like greased lightning (1839+)

  • Like as two peas in a pod

    Very similar, bearing a close resemblance. For example, They’re not even sisters, but they’re like as two peas in a pod. This expression alludes to the seeds contained in a pea pod, which do indeed look very much alike. [ Late 1500s ]

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