Lim ems

Expanded Memory Specification


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    [lahy-muh n] /ˈlaɪ mən/ noun, plural limens, limina [lim-uh-nuh] /ˈlɪm ə nə/ (Show IPA) 1. (def 4). [li-mahn, -man] /lɪˈmɑn, -ˈmæn/ noun, Geology. 1. a muddy lagoon, marsh, or lake near the mouth of a river behind part of the delta and more or less protected from open water by a barrier or spit. 2. […]

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    limen insulae limen in·su·lae (ĭn’sə-lē’, -syə-) n. The transitional band located between the anterior portion of the gray matter of the island of Reil and the posterior perforated substance, formed by a narrow strip of olfactory cortex.

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    limen nasi limen na·si (nā’zī) n. A ridge marking the boundary between the nasal cavity proper and the vestibule of the nose.

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    noun 1. (in tanning) a pit containing lime in which hides are placed to remove the hair

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