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  • Lives-of-the-poets

    noun 1. a collection (1779–81), by Samuel Johnson, of biographical and critical essays on 52 English poets.

  • Live-spindle

    [lahyv] /laɪv/ noun 1. See under (def 6). [spin-dl] /ˈspɪn dl/ noun 1. a rounded rod, usually of wood, tapering toward each end, used in hand-spinning to twist into thread the fibers drawn from the mass on the distaff, and on which the thread is wound as it is spun. 2. the rod on a […]

  • Livest

    [lahyv] /laɪv/ adjective, liver, livest for 4–7, 13–15. 1. being alive; living; alive: live animals. 2. of, relating to, or during the of a living being: the animal’s live weight. 3. characterized by or indicating the presence of living creatures: the live sounds of the forest. 4. Informal. (of a person) energetic; alert; : The […]

  • Live-steam

    [lahyv] /laɪv/ noun 1. steam direct from the boiler and at full pressure, ready for use in work. 2. steam that has performed no work or only part of its work. /laɪv/ noun 1. steam supplied directly from a boiler at full pressure, before it has performed any work

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